A message to all Orbit Real Estate Media customers with COVID-19 concerns

As Colorado slowly begins to allow businesses to re-open we are available to Photograph and 3D Matterport scan your listings, but that doesn't mean we are operating our business as we did back in February and January.

We are still practicing EXTREME social distancing while we are working. What does this mean for you and your seller?

We prefer tho home to be Vacant, Unoccupied or the Homeowner/Seller chooses to leave for the duration of the photo shoot. (Even if there was no Covid-19 concerns, we do ask the home be empty for Matterport 3-D scanning.)

For standard daytime or twilight photo shoots we will begin practicing what we call "room isolation", if the seller cannot leave the property, they may remain in the home, but isolate themselves to one room while we are taking photos and then when we need that isolation room the seller can re-locate to different room.

And mandatory with no exceptions, the property must been cleaned and critical surfaces be properly wiped down and sanitized with disinfectant.

Please contact us via email at info@myorbitmedia.com if you have any questions or would like to discuss any concerns you may have

Thank you, and let’s all be safe