To all of our customers

We know how important it is to get professional listing photos so you can begin marketing your home, but we’d greatly appreciate it if you could read our following corona virus prep guide to help keep everyone safe.

As a real estate photographer we are entering several homes a day putting us at risk and we need to make sure that everyone is doing their part. If you cannot follow these guidelines , please contact us to reschedule. Thank You

Please use this list as a guidline to have the home ready for the photographer. We begin taking photos immediately upon arrival. If the home is not ready we reserve to right to leave and reschedule. (you will be billed $50 for a reschedule)

If the property is vacant and or unoccupied, we will contact you after you place your order. Most of this list will not apply, but we will need to discuss the condition of the property.

If you cannot comply with our guidelines please contact us immediately.

First and foremost we are requiring that the agent and seller not be present in the property for the duration of the photo shoot.

We are avoiding as much human contact as possible.  When we arrive we can meet you outside but we will need you to not re-enter the property.  We know this may be tough to do, but please consider our safety.

You need not worry about what will we photograph. We are highly trained professionals that photograph 1000’s of listings every year. We will know which images in the home to capture for your marketing.

All of the following need to be done BEFORE the photographer arrives.

  • Thoroughly clean the property top to bottom and sanitize surfaces, including all door knobs, light switches and window blind adjustment rods.

  • Have all the lights on before photographer arrives, This includes all lamps, ceiling fixtures, under cabinet lightning and stove hood. ( if some bulbs are burnt out or not woking that is ok, we just need as many that work on, Again, this needs to be done before photographer arrives,

  • Have all blinds open before the photographer arrives. Adjust the slats so they are horizontal. Pull the blinds all the way up if you are trying to feature the window view.

  • Have all vehicles removed from driveway and have garage door closed. We begin taking photos out front before we even enter the home.

  • Hide anything you do not want in the photos. Use closets , the garage or unfinished spaces. Tip: If you are unsure if something needs to be moved, it probably does. We will not move anything while we are in the home.

  • If you have pet crates that you do not want in photos,  move them to where you think they are least visible when viewing the room while standing in the doorway. Tip: typically we place our camera at the doorway when photographing a bedroom.

  • Pets are ok with us – We love all animals and if they are left at home we make sure they are not in the photos.

  • Remove as much clutter as possible from all the countertops, vanities and floors. The more clutter you clear away the better the property will look in the photographs.

  • Absolutely no other contractors in home…. ie maids, carpet cleaners , etc… We need the home all to ourselves to get you the best photos- If other contractors are there when we arrive, we will reschedule you.

  • And please.. close all toilet seats. Seriously, not sure why I even have to ask, but you would be surprised how often they are not.

• Turn on all lights including all table lamps

• Remove all vehicles from driveway

• Completly clear refrigerator doors.

• Put away all dishes and clean sink.

• Clear clutter from countertops.

• Clear bathroom toiletries and stage with clean towels.

• Stow away childrens toys & playpens.

• Turn off all Ceiling Fans

• Open Window Blinds – Slats should be horizontal

• Hide visible trash cans.

• Tidy up computer work stations.

• Make beds and stage pillows.

• Stow away dogs beds & cat boxes.

• Hide power cords if possible.