To all of our customers...
We are available to Photograph and 3D Matterport scan your listings, but that doesn't mean we are operating our business without Covid-19 protocol.
We are still practicing EXTREME social distancing and only accepting new orders if nobody will present in the home, OR the sellers and or Agent choose to wait outside the home while we are working, OR the sellers and Agent can wait on a different floor of the home while we are working. The home can be also be Vacant, Unoccupied or the Homeowner/Seller is not home and we have a LockBox code. Mandatory, with no exceptions, the property must been cleaned and critical surfaces be properly wiped down and sanitized with disinfectant. We appreciate your cooperation in these difficult times. If you have any questions please give us a call.

Once you have scheduled a booking , please use the following guideline to prepare the home for photography. We begin photography immediately upon arrival. The property should be in showing ready condition. If the home its not ready when we arrive , we will reschedule your appointment and you will be charged a $50 reschedule fee.

• Turn on all lights including all table lamps, floor lamps, etc

• Remove all vehicles from driveway

• Completly clear refrigerator doors.

• Put away all dishes and clean sink.

• Clear clutter from countertops.

• Close toilet seats.

• Clear bathroom toiletries and stage with clean towels.

• Organize or Stow away children’s toys & playpens. (use garage if necessary)

• Turn off all Ceiling Fans, but leave light on

• Twist Open Window Blinds – Slats should be horizontal

• Hide visible trash cans.

• Tidy up computer work stations.

• Make beds and stage pillows.

• Stow away dogs beds & cat boxes.

• Hide power cords if possible.

• Tidy up the front lawn and porch and back patio

Please do not schedule any other contractors, ie. maid services, carpet cleaners, painters, landscapers, etc..... On the day of your photoshoot. We will reschedule you if we cannot begin photography immediately upon arrival.